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FAQ - Popular Question

What is the Emma Hybrid Mattress made of?

What is the Emma Original Mattress made of?

How can a mattress be suitable for everyone?

How thick/high is the mattress?

Is Emma mattress firmness level adjustable?

Is Emma mattress hypoallergenic and dust-mite proof?

How does the 100 day test phase work?

Can I customize my Emma mattress?

How does the delivery process work?

What type of bed frame should I use with the Emma mattress?

Do you provide old mattress removal service?

FAQ - 15 Year Guarantee

How long is the warranty period?

FAQ - 100 Night Trial

How does the sleep trial work?

What happens to the gift if I want to return my mattress?

Shouldn't I first test the mattress in person before purchasing it?

When does the sleep trial start?

Does the mattress have to stay in the plastic wrap during the trial?

How can I return my mattress during the trial?

Terms and Conditions

Using the Emma Mattress

Can I use an electric blanket?

Do I need to flip and ventilate the mattress?

What type of bed frame should I use with the Emma mattress?

How can I wash my Emma products?

Does the Emma mattress require a special slat frame?

Do you provide old mattress removal service?


What payment methods can I pay with?

Can I order by phone?

Can I buy at a physical store?


Where/how can I use my discount/coupon code?

What if my discount code doesn't work?

Manage My Order

How do I cancel my order?

What should I do if I ordered the wrong size?

How do I change/edit my order?

How do I contact customer service?

FAQ - Delivery

How does the delivery process work?

What are the shipping costs?

How is the mattress delivered?

How long does the delivery take?

What if I'm not at home during the standard delivery time?

How about accessories?

How many deliveries do I get when I order more than one product?

Is there any special arrangement for customers living in outlying islands?

Can I change the date and time of my delivery?

Can I change my delivery address?

Receiving the Product

What will I get in the package?

How long does it take for the mattress to be ready for use after unpacking?

How long can the mattress stay in the box?

What if I ordered the wrong size?

Accessing My Account

How do I create a customer account?

FAQ - Return and Refund

How do I start the return process to get my refund?

Must the returned mattress be in good condition?

Do I need to keep the product box for return?

When will I receive my refund?

Can I exchange an accessory if I ordered it in the wrong size?

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